Little Known Facts About Import Bond.

Sue, Thanks to NAFTA, there must be no obligation about the ceramic cookware. But in the event you haven’t stayed over 48 several hours outdoors Canada, you’ll need to spend GST and PST for that cookware.

Im considering purchasing a little one stroller from a US on-line store for $399. How would responsibilities and taxes Charge to ship to canada? Many thanks.

Reside in Canada…..Wish to deliver again $300 really worth of wood shelving…..Anyone know exactly how much obligation I will need to pay??

I reside in British Columbia. If I buy a computer software method from Washington value US$600 what taxes and duties would I be needed to shell out to carry it into Canada?

Hi there. I'm searching to get a graduation gown from a US on line keep and have it shipped to me in Canada. its $430. and so i’m thinking what the utmost responsibility demand/proportion is i could finish up paying.

I live in the US but need to carry a situation of California wine as a gift to persons I am browsing in Ontario. Exactly what are the taxes and duty on Alcoholic beverages?

Hello, this might be a humorous question. I would like to buy a utilised stereo receiver in Michigan United states privately from anyone. The stereo is designed below in Canada. What would the duties or added Expense be asides from transport. Price of the piece of stereo devices is $5000. USD. Many thanks

If your Mother is simply in transit passing through Canada, I’d think no officer will bug her for your TV. If she enter Canada by means of other signifies, e.g. vehicle, after which go away from Toronto, try to be ready to declare With all the border officers and demonstrate the flight proof in order to avoid any tax/duty.

I are now living in Ontario and am going to Buffalo to more info buy some things. I’m likely to be shopping for all-around $500 bucks worth of infant things. To become precise: a check here crib, car or truck seat, and crib sheets.

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Tobacco is exempt from exemptions – so the beneath $twenty doesn’t implement. what province have you been importing it into?

i am attempting to purchase a cellular telephone from ebay which will cost just about $300 such as the delivery. it would be transport from hong kong to canada. what kinda of duty expenses could i be expecting to pay for?

Depend upon what number of days you still left Canada and day after day You can find an amount of money wherein i dont recalled. But when you purchase things from the USA the product topic to both responsibility price and/or tax rely upon your province.

If the objects aren't manufactured in Mexico possibly, you will have to shell out seventeen% obligation plus taxes (you may want to confirm this in a CBSA Workplace). Fortunately, you don’t fork out PST for youngsters’s garments.

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